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Pastor Ronnie Elcan


As teenager,Ronnie Elcan searched for God and practiced other religions before God called him to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. After school one day Ronnie came under powerful conviction about the wrong path he was following. Upon realizing this, he fell to his knees in repentance, surrendering his life to Christ at the age of 17. Not long after, God called Ronnie into ministry. He has preached evangelistically in several churches, in tent revivals, open-air preaching and street preaching. God has given Ronnie a conviction that the power of prayer can do anything that God can do and God can do anything. For three years Ronnie interned for Bellevue Baptist Church’s missions department with the urban community, leading outreach projects and preaching to the homeless. Ronnie is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently  serving as the Senior  Pastor of East Memphis Community Church.

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